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Rose Quartz is the Love Stone. The beautiful pink crystal opens the heart up to unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra put to work. Love of self, Love of change, love of growth, love of your yoni and love of all. 

Mimosa Rose Quartz are body safe natural stone Yoni Eggs that are great to use for Kegel exercises. Everything you need to strengthen, tone and tighten your yoni. Beginner or a longtime Kegel user you will enjoy these. Three (3) predrilled weight and stages for the pelvic floor.  

Large (45x30 mm) Beginner

Medium (40x25 mm) Intermediate

Small (30x20mm) Advanced

Tone, tighten, and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in just 10 min/day for enhanced sexual pleasure, better bladder control, easier labor, faster recovery from pregnancy.